Labor Day Events in Austin

It’s not too early to start planning your next 3-day weekend adventure. Labor Day marks one of the closing weekends of summer, so why not celebrate by enjoying a fun-filled Austin activity day. Sure, Labor Day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers, but it’s also an excuse to celebrate amidst the wonderful activities this city has to offer. From BBQ’s to lake visits, Labor Day is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. So, what exactly is going on in Austin for Labor Day this year? We’ve got you covered with all the fun can’t-miss things to do.

EAST of Weird Floating Concert Series

Does a river float with good fun and booze sound like your kind of Labor Day celebration? Then this event is perfect for you. A $100 ticket yields party bus transportation, a 3-hour float trip with Bastrop River Company, a dinner entrée at Viejos Tacos Y Tequila as well as 2 cocktails at dinner. Sounds pretty fair to us! Plus, a live band will serenade you as you float the river. This event is ideal for any group of friends with the added bonus that you don’t have to worry about a designated driver!

The Return of Football

For those avid football fans, Labor Day weekend means one thing: the return of NFL and College Football. So we’ve highlighted some of our favorite bars that never disappoint on the fun radar during games.

Third Base is one of Austin’s favorite, locally-owned sports bar and restaurant. With tons of drink specials, delicious bar food, and crazy sports fans, Third Base is a must. Be sure to wear your favorite team’s jersey and be prepared for some friendly competitive jabs. With locations downtown, Round Rock, Southpark Meadows, and in Northwest Austin, you’re sure to find a close one to you that is equally full of excitement.


These sports bars are the ultimate. With over 25 80” flat screen TVs, Cover 2 and Cover 3 have got you covered. Both have insane menus that smoke any form of “bar” food you have in mind. CNN Travel even declared Cover 3 one of the top 101 Best Sports Bars in the Country, so plan (and reserve a table) ASAP!


  • Rainey Street

Rainey Street is ripe with fun bars to watch your favorite games and continue the celebration once the games end. Our favorite bar to watch on Rainey? Bar 96. Come on, they even have the NFL countdown on their website. With a fun outside, delicious food truck, and laid back attitude, you can’t go wrong at Bar 96 (or any Rainey bars for that matter).

Boating on the Lake

Lake Austin and Lake Travis are both awesome lakes to rent a boat, paddle board, or canoe and soak in the wonderful (and HOT) Austin sun. Dock up at Hula Hut or Abel’s for a midday bite to refuel.

BBQ and Pool

Get your pool ready for the ultimate pool party. Now is the time to splurge on some new outdoor furniture, your dream grill, and some sun control solutions to beat the heat. A good ol’ fashioned pool party is one of our favorite things to do on a day off. So find some great recipes, grab a case of beer, and invite your friends over for some Labor Day fun!

Whatever you decide to do Austin has got you covered with the best things to do outdoors during the summer months. And let’s face it, Labor Day doesn’t mean the end of summer here! It’s just another reason to do something fun with family or friends. Remember to be safe and prepare for the summer sun.

Stay Cool and Look Cool with Motorized Blinds

When you’re looking for modern convenience to add to your home décor, consider the addition of motorized blinds. Technology has come so far that motorized blinds can now be controlled via a remote, a light switch, or even a phone app. So why should you consider motorized blinds?

If your home is equipped with windows that aren’t easily accessible, think floor to ceiling windows or second story windows, the addition of motorized blinds could provide convenience to your life. With the touch of a button, or flick of a switch, the blinds can be tilted or opened. Take complete control of incoming sunlight while being energy efficient.

Which is right for you?

The first question to ask yourself is what kind of motorized shades will benefit you the most. Interior motorized shades are a practical way to add to your household décor while blocking natural sunlight. Motorized drapes are a great addition for your bedroom, as they allow you to control how much light comes in every morning when you wake up, all from the convenience of your bed. Unfortunately, we have not yet mastered how to make coffee magically appear and be delivered to your bedroom.

Lutron shades allow you to control how much sunlight enters your home or office with the touch of a button. Choose to lift the shades all the way up allowing maximum sunlight to enter, or lower them to increase your privacy and energy efficiency. If you’d prefer to only allow a small portion of light in, this can be done as well, simply by touching one button. These motorized shades are individually applied to each window in the room and add contemporary styling to your living space.

Outdoor Solutions

What if you’re looking for options for your sunroom or patio? We have solutions for that as well! If you’re looking for a way to limit the amount of natural light while providing glare control, our skylight shading systems are the answer. Feel at ease while controlling the motorized skylight shade system from the comfort of your hot tub. Prevent nosey neighbors from peaking in on your sunroom festivities from the second story of their home.

As more and more homes are operating off of home automation systems for simplicity, and because it’s a cool feature to show off to your friends, automated and motorization is becoming the next big thing to have at your house. Why should you manually open the blinds when you can do it with the touch of a button? No matter which motorized solution you choose, know that the options listed above can easily integrate with your home automation system.